Audio Experience

Press play by clicking on the audio player below!

Click on the icons above to access via your prefered audio player. 

Experience notes

  • For the best experience, we recommend listening to the audio on headphones

  • If you’re able and would like to, we’d love you to press play and start to dance.

  • The term 'dance' means whatever you want it to mean and however you dance is up to you.

  • Please ensure when participating that you are somewhere safe and you are not going to hurt yourself or others.

  • If you listen with other people please make sure you are sufficiently distanced apart and there are no more of you than are allowed right now in line with Government guidance.

  • If you need to stop dancing, for any reason, please press pause and stop. Please only dance for as long as you are comfortable for.

Pay What You Decide

We step outside and start to dance is free to access. You can support the ongoing life of the project by donating. 


Your donation will support the future legacy of We step outside and start to dance and help create more cultural opportunities for you to take part in. 

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BSL & Captioned experience

We step outside and start to dance  can also be experienced as a BSL and Captioned film. Click on the following link to access:

If you have any difficulty accessing the audio or BSL and captioned experiences, or would like a PDF transcript of the piece, please email Emma on