Challenge #10: Rhythm

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Written instructions are below. 

How to take part

This is your time to learn body percussion and make a new rhythm! 

You can participate as a group, bubble or as an online group activity or as an individual! The key to this challenge is concentrating on making a beat by a regular rhythm, which then can be developed into something spectacular!


Gather your group together and think about ways in which you could create a beat. Maybe clap your hands, click your fingers, stamp your feet, tap a pen off the table, hit a spoon off a saucepan. Then:


  • The first person makes a beat.

  • The next person copies their beat, and adds their own.

  • The next person copies the first beat, and the second, and adds their own.

  • Keep going until you have a rhythm made up of all of your beats.



Think of as many ways as you can to make a beat using your body and what’s around you. Maybe clap your hands, click your fingers, stamp your feet, tap a pen off the table, hit a spoon off a saucepan. Using as many different ways as you can, create your own short piece of music. Perhaps record different sounds you make and use the Garageband app to create a song out of all the beats you have made or just just try a simple clapping routine!  


If you need inspiration check out this You Tube tutorial: Click Here

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Released on Saturday 27 November at Midday