Challenge #13: Opening Lines

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Watch a video from Alison, sharing Challenge #13.

Written instructions are below. 

How to take part

This is your time to produce a short piece of creative writing inspired by the opening lines in We step outside and start to dance.


The first lines of the three main voices we follow in We step outside and start to dance are:


  • Voice 1: For me, it started with a twitch in the tip of the tip of my toe.


  • Voice 2: She came up on my feed, the woman. The dancing woman.


  • Voice 3: I have no idea why I’m doing this.


Using one, two or all three of these lines - create a short piece of creative writing of your own. This could be a short story or monologue, or a poem, or even a diary entry. If writing isn’t your thing, draw a picture, make a collage or take a photograph of something that these lines inspire.


Get as creative as possible to create something spectacular!

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Your Time to Shine Challenges (7).png

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Released on Tuesday 1 December at Midday