Challenge #14: Step outside and dance

Watch a video from Melanie, Alison and Emma sharing Challenge #14.

Written instructions are below. 

How to take part

Dancing gets us moving, is proven to boost happiness and is a powerful element of human connection.

Who doesn’t feel better after a good dance?! 

So to go out on a high, the final challenge of Your Time to Shine is to step outside and start to dance! 

This could be as a household or bubble or as an individual. You could be indoors or outdoors (making sure you’re somewhere safe where you’re not going to hurt yourself or others).

Or get your friends or colleagues together online for a virtual dance-along together! 

You could dance to your favourite songs or a playlist you’ve made during the previous challenges, or to nothing.

You could dance while experiencing We step outside and start to dance

You can dance for a moment or for longer, however long you feel comfortable.

What’s important is to dance like nobody's watching and have fun!

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