Challenge #2: Signature Dance


You can listen to an audio version of the challenge by clicking on the play button above or listening on our SoundCloud.

Written instructions are below. 

How to take part

This is your time to share your signature dance move and get dancing!

You can participate as a group, bubble or as an online group activity or as an individual! 



Gather your group together and think about your signature dance move(s). Then:

  • The first person picks their signature dance move and performs it.

  • The next person copies their move, and adds their own.

  • The next person copies the first move, and the second, and adds their own.

  • Keep going until you have a routine made up of all of your signature dance moves!


What is your go-to signature dance move(s)? Be as creative as possible in portraying your dance move(s). Maybe think about not only the movement, but how it makes you feel. Some ideas below:


  • Perform your signature dance move(s) or create a brand new one.

  • Record, draw, collage or write about your signature dance move and send it to someone who you miss dancing with right now. Why not make a dance routine Zine?

  • Create a sculpture or still-life artwork of your signature dance move using materials you have around the house.

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Released on Friday 20 November at Midday