Challenge #3: Glitter

You can listen to an audio version of the challenge by clicking on the play button above or listening on our SoundCloud.

Written instructions are below. 

How to take part

This is your time to get sparkly!

You can participate as a group, bubble or as an online group activity or as an individual! 



  • Each of you find five things that represent glitter. The winner is the first one to find five things the fastest. You can be as inventive as you like. Extra points for originality!

  • If you want to make it more difficult, try to find ten things that represent glitter.

  • Talk your group through the items you have found, sharing any memories or stories attached to them.


  • Find 5 to 10 things around you that represent glitter. Get creative with the objects.

  • Once you have them, arrange them to create a still-life artwork that represents dancing or what dancing means to you. Or that represents your favourite song, or a dancing plague, or anything else that you’d like to recreate.

  • Photograph or draw your favourite arrangement. The sparklier the better!

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Download a PDF version of challenge #3

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Released on Saturday 21 November at Midday