Challenge #5: Playlist

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You can listen to an audio version of the challenge by clicking on the play button above or listening on our SoundCloud.

Written instructions are below. 

How to take part

Create a playlist. This can be on the music platform or device you use, or add them to the We step outside and start to dance playlist on Spotify: Click Here

Create your playlist by adding: 

  • Your favourite song to dance to

  • Your guilty pleasure song

  • Your weekend banger

  • Your childhood jam

  • Your 'Time to Shine' song

  • An oldie but a goodie

  • Your lockdown anthem

  • A song you last danced to

  • A song which makes you want to step outside and start to dance

  • A song that makes you recall a good memory

  • A song which you can't stop yourself dancing to

  • A song that makes you feel sparkly

Additional Ideas:

If you participate as a household, bubble or online group; each person picks songs for the suggestions above to create a group playlist. Once restrictions allow it, why not turn your playlist up loud and have a dance party together!


Create an album cover for your playlist. Think of how you will represent the songs, what links them, how do they make you feel? Draw, paint, collage, or even cross-stitch your album covers. Get as creative as possible turning it into something spectacular!

We’d love you to share your shine with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages @westarttodance or on Twitter using #WeStartToDance so we can find you!


You can also share your text, videos, images or audio with us via email. If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the challenges, please drop us an email on

Download a PDF version of challenge #5

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Released on Monday 22 November at Midday