Challenge #8: Mood Music

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You can listen to an audio version of the challenge by clicking on the play button above or listening on our SoundCloud.

Written instructions are below. 

How to take part

Find a song that helps to express how you are feeling right now.


Moods and emotions included in We step outside and start to dance are surprise, excitement, confusion, fear and hope.


Grab some creative materials that you have around you. These could be paper, junk mail, paints, pencils, felt tips or glue. Play your chosen song and create an artwork that reflects the mood of the music and how it makes you feel. The artwork must be started and finished in the length of the song. Some ideas about what you could do:

  • Draw lines to the rhythm of the music. Are they harsh lines, flowing lines, curvy or straight?

  • Use scissors to cut out junk mail and glue it onto your paper to create a collage. Think about the colours and shapes you’re choosing.

  • Start in the centre of the page and use paint to create lines and patterns. Think about the blending of the paint and the colours you’ve chosen.

  • Listen to We step outside and start to dance and create artwork instead of a song.

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Download a PDF version of challenge #8

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Released on Wednesday 24 November at Midday