Challenge #9: Dance Moves

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You can listen to an audio version of the challenge by clicking on the play button above or listening on our SoundCloud.

Written instructions are below. 

How to take part

This is your time to learn new dance moves and get moving!

You can participate as a group, bubble or as an online group activity or as an individual! 


Pick a dance move from those mentioned in We step outside and start (see below), dance and perform it for your group. If you’re feeling competitive, split into teams and award points for correct guesses.

  • The Electric Slide

  • The Mam Dance

  • The Hype

  • The Charleston Swivel

  • The Old Lady

  • The Jig

  • The Disco Leap

  • The Crazy Moose

  • The March and Spin

  • Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box

  • The Grand Jete

  • The Air Guitar

  • The Robot

  • The Dying Moth

  • The Foxtrot



Pick a dance move from those mentioned above. Video yourself performing what you think it looks like. Are there lots of different options for the same move? Challenge yourself to perform as many as you can in 1 minute.


Or maybe draw an instruction guide so someone else could perform it teams and award points for correct guesses.

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Download a PDF version of challenge #9

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Released on Thursday 25 November at Midday