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Add to your experience of We step outside and start to dance with these additional activities for you to take part in. Over the upcoming weeks we will be releasing more activities including a full activity pack for you to download.

Your Time to Shine challenge

How to participate:

The Your Time to Shine Challenge is 14 days of creative challenges inspired by the audio experience We step outside and start to dance. A creative challenge is a playful prompt to inspire accessible, creative activities linked to themes in the audio drama. The challenges are varied and explore all sorts of creative forms including dancing, writing, building and exploring. 

Whilst you do not need to have listened to We step outside and start to dance to take part, we highly recommend that you do. This will hopefully inspire your creative responses to the challenges and help you to better understand where they have come from.


A challenge should take as long as you have available or want to participate, and shouldn’t require any materials that you aren’t likely to have around you. You can take part in all of them, one of them, as many as you’d like. 

Starting on Wednesday 18 November at noon, we'll be releasing daily challenges here on our website and on our social media channels.

The challenges are suitable for all age groups, and feel free to adapt them as you need or would like to. 


We would love you to take part in whatever way you feel comfortable, from making a video or artwork to sharing a few words or a GIF on our social media posts. You can go BIG as you like, or as small as you like. And if you’d like to share what you do with us, we’d love to see it.

We'd love to see what you are up to so make sure you share what you do with us. You can send your send photos, audio, text and videos with us via Facebook and Instagram @westarttodance use #WeStartToDance or by email

Scroll down to access challenges! 

At the time of release England are in Lockdown (currently due to end on 2 December 2020). Please stay within your current country restrictions when participating in these challenges. You can take part as individuals or as households or bubbles. For groups unable to be together in person right now, why not get together on an online platform such as Zoom to discuss ideas, inspire each other and take part. 

Click on the challenges below to access the full challenge


This is your time to shine! Our first challenge is all about celebrating you and sharing other people's shine!


This is your time to share your signature dance move and get dancing!

GLITTER (2).png

This is your time to get sparkly! Extra points for getting inventive.

GLITTER (4).png

What’s been your biggest dance triumph or most embarrassing dance disaster?

GLITTER (8).png

What's your favourite song or guilty pleasure? It's time to create a playlist.

GLITTER (10).png

Learn how to sign and find out more about British Sign Language and our BSL interpreted film

GLITTER (14).png

We’re at the halfway mark of the Your Time to Shine challenges, so let’s take some time out to relax.

GLITTER (17).png

Find a song that helps you express how you're feeling right now.

This is your time to learn new dance moves and get moving!

Your Time to Shine Challenges.png

This is your time to learn body percussion and make a new rhythm! 

Your Time to Shine Challenges (1).png

This is your time to create a great night out in an unexpected location!

Your Time to Shine Challenges (4).png

This is your time to play song charades! 

Your Time to Shine Challenges (7).png

This is your time to produce a short piece of creative writing...

Step outside and start to dance card.png

So, to go out on a high, the final challenge of Your Time to Shine is...